Send Hope.
Send Peace. Send Healing.

It has been on my heart to encourage and help meet a need in our community during the Covid Crisis. I have been inspired by the many who have stepped up to do that and more, already; these cards are an expression of how I see their outpouring of love in our world.

Each card is $6, with $3 going directly to our local food bank in Salmon Arm. The rest simply covers costs, including shipping to make this as convenient for you as possible!

It would mean so much if you partnered with me in this small way - purchase a card today and send it to a loved one or someone serving on the front lines in your community. Let's do what we can to stay connected even while apart.

$6 per Card

100% of Profits

Shipping Included

Buy Other Cards

While the most benefit will be given from the Send Hope. Send Peace. Send Healing card, we understand that you may prefer other designs or want to add to your purchase. For that reason, $0.80 from all other card purchases will also be given to our local food bank until the end of June.

Buy Prints or Originals

We don't want you to feel conflicted about purchasing something larger; for that reason, $3.00 from all originals and $1.50 from all non-card prints will be given to our local food bank until the end of June.

Send Hope